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  • Agile Methodology 1.0

    Agile Methodology 1.0

    Agile is a management methodology, developed mainly in the software development environment. Why was it created? The old management systems, Waterfall in particular, no longer met the needs of new types of projects. As often happens, over time, things change and the same happens with Project Management, which by definition must vary, and must be…

  • Project Management 3 Planning Phase

    Here we have arrived at the Planning phase, that is, the planning of the project itself. The planning is composed of 3 elements So let’s start with the first step of planning. Schedule Kick-off A meeting of no more than an hour with Team Members and various stakeholders aims to align everyone and ensure that…

  • Prince 2

    PRoject IN Controlled Environments The success of PRINCE2 as a method for managing a project is due to its generality and therefore the possibility of being applied in different contexts. It is fundamentally based on Unlike old methods, the PM in this methodology is not a single project accountant with all the burdens and honors.…