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Universal Basic Income

UBI is a government program that every citizen or resident can access.

The program has a very simple execution, providing a monthly income to the citizen.

The mechanism of operation is trivial, with taxation the state redistributes wealth by granting an income to all its citizens. For the various numbers, I refer to a very detailed article.

The goal is to provide anyone with sufficient income to maintain a dignified lifestyle, allowing all citizens to meet their basic needs.

This can be particularly useful in situations of job loss, the transition from one job to another, or the desire to take a period of “break” due to personal, family, and other needs.

The theme was born in the early 70s but has recently returned to the forefront, favored by the development of Artificial Intelligence and automation.

  • The individual can wait and choose a job that best suits their desires/inclinations
  • More time to study/update and do recreational activities
  • More time to take care of loved ones
  • Eliminate the concept of poverty threshold

Following the pros, there are a series of deep questions, not taken for granted, both of an economic nature and on the nature of man itself

  • Will people look for a job or choose to only use UBI?
  • What will they be motivated by?
  • How will money management become?
  • Will money be distributed to everyone, including wealthy people, regardless of their income?



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